Freedom from Anxiety is Possible!

Everyone suffers from moments of anxiety and stress. However, when your anxiety takes over and prevents you from living your life to the fullest, it is time to get the help you deserve.

Perhaps you found my site because you want something to be different in your life. Maybe you are feeling stuck or lacking confidence and you believe that this is it, this is your life, there is nothing else.

What if I told you there is hope?  That change is possible?

That you CAN live in the present and you don’t have to feel consumed by anxious feelings, panic attacks or negative thinking.

Your mind is your most powerful resource. I can help you to learn how to use it to make powerful, lasting change.

Panic Attack

busy train station

Do you ever suddenly feel overcome with fear or dread for no apparent reason?  Are you afraid to go out in public for fear that you might have a panic attack?



girls laying on truck hood

Are you worrying excessively over everyday things? Do you feel as though anxiety is limiting you from living your life? Do you ever wish that you can find calm, peace of mind and freedom from worry and negative thinking?

blurry image

Do you think about yourself in a highly negative and critical way and feel that others think the same about you? Are you avoiding places where others might watch you? Do you often feel yourself blushing, thinking that everybody is staring at you?


worried woman

Has this phobia caused your relationships to suffer?  Are you limited as to where you will go on vacation because you have a fear of flying? Do you wish that you could be free from the phobia and live life the way you want?


Does just the thought of making a presentation cause you to panic? When actually speaking, do you experience worrisome physical sensations, such as sweating, shaking, stomach distress or heart palpitations?

man standing alone

Do you often realize later that your anger was out of proportion to a given situation?
Have you found yourself in a rage over something minor? Do you wish you could be able to feel and express anger in a healthy manner?


I have helped many people just like you get lasting relief from anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, and related anxiety disorders.  We all have within us the resources to create change in our lives.  Using a unique approach individualized for you, I’ll help you use the power of your own mind to tap into these resources.  You don’t have to live your life limited by anxiety anymore!