Are You terrified of speaking in public?

  • Does just the thought of making a presentation cause you to panic?

  • When actually speaking, do you experience worrisome physical sensations, such as sweating, shaking, stomach distress or heart palpitations?

  • Do you fear being humiliated or embarrassed?

  • Have you missed career opportunities because of your fear?

  • Would you like to be able to speak without fear—and actually enjoy it?

overcoming public speaking anxiety mt laurel nj

You’ve just been told you have to give a presentation at work. Upon hearing the words, you suddenly feel nauseated. Maybe your mind begins racing, and you worry if you will be able to do it. Although the presentation is weeks away, you might begin to lose sleep. You may feel certain that you are going to be terrible. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t get your mind to stop circling around all the ways things can go wrong. This anticipatory anxiety may be making it hard for you to concentrate and get through each day.

On the day that you are scheduled to give the presentation, the symptoms might begin to get more intense. You may feel a sense of panic, with a racing and pounding heart. Maybe your stomach is in knots. You may also experience dry mouth, trembling, shortness of breath, sweating or loss of concentration. Perhaps you worry that people are going to think that you are unintelligent because you are stuttering or trembling.

Your public speaking anxiety may have even dictated your career choices or caused you to decline promotions because the new position required public speaking. Or, maybe you have found yourself sitting at work or community meetings silent, without being able to share your ideas. All you really want is to overcome public speaking anxiety and talk with confidence and ease.

Many people fear speaking in public.

Fear of public speaking has often been listed as most Americans’ number one fear. It is even more common than fear of death or any other phobia. 

Just about everyone feels a bit of anxiety before giving a speech. While some anxiety can actually improve your performance, too much can have a debilitating effect. This fight/flight or freeze response is an old one, dating back to prehistoric times. The mind senses danger and prepares your body to fight or flee. With public speaking, there is no real danger, but the mind perceives one. Often, after a person experiences panic when giving a speech, he or she decides it is better to avoid public speaking than to go through those terrible physical and emotional symptoms again.

While public speaking anxiety is very common, if left untreated, it can stifle you in both your personal and professional life. Thankfully, with help, there is a way to begin to speak with confidence and clarity. 

overcoming public speaking anxiety mt laurel nj

YOU CAN Learn How to Overcome YOUR Fear of public speaking

Maybe you have been told that you should join a speech organization in order to practice and become more comfortable. Others may have suggested that you just “get over” any bad performance or public speaking memories. While relief is possible, it’s not quite that easy. Putting memories aside may work for some people, but for those who experience paralyzing fear and anxiety, it doesn’t.  

The fear of public speaking—also called performance anxiety or stage fright—is usually connected to an event or even chain of related events that happened early in life. During public speaking phobia treatment, my therapeutic approach includes assisting you into a light trance state and helping you to get to the root of the problem. Sometimes people wonder what a trance state feels like. Although you may not know it, you have already experienced a natural trance state many times. Have ever daydreamed? Have you ever gotten "lost" in a really good book and felt like you inhabited the world of the story? These are examples of naturally occurring trance states. Trance can be defined as a narrow focus of attention. It is not sleep. You are awake and aware and always in control, just as you are when reading a book.

Drawing on my vast experience, I use a combination approach that includes Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy, visualization and cognitive techniques. I will create a treatment plan that is individualized for you. I have helped many people just like you gain confidence in public speaking. You can release your fear.

You may believe that therapy can help learn how to overcome the fear of public speaking, but still have questions or concerns...


Other therapists or friends may have told you to just face your fear. Without releasing the full complexity of the fear, this is a very difficult thing to do. You most likely do not know what drives the underlying fear.

While other techniques or forms of practice may not have helped you, my unique approach to public speaking anxiety treatment can help you get to the heart of your issues. We will work on your fear at the root level so that you can find lasting relief. 


Medication might help with the symptoms, but it really does not take care of the problem. The problem needs to be addressed at the root cause. Think about how a person takes care of their garden. If you cut the weeds at the ground’s surface, they will grow back again. If you remove them by taking them out at the root, they don’t grow back. I have years of experience helping people to overcome public speaking anxiety and I use powerful techniques that are effective. Your mind is very powerful. I will help you to learn to use your mind in a way that works for you.


Therapy does take time. However, my approach in helping people offers relatively quick results. At our first session together, I will find out your goals for treatment. We won't just talk about your fear. We will work together to help you get relief. Therapy is an investment in you. Only you can decide the value of overcoming the fear of public speaking.


overcoming public speaking anxiety mt laurel nj

I can help you help you overcome your fear of public speaking. Call me at 856.238.5036 for a free 15-minute consultation. Or email me at for additional information about how you can become a confident public speaker.


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